The Peace Project 2016


The Salzburg Peace Project was started at the beginning of 2016. It has grown far beyond Salzburg, even beyond Austria. The picture we envisioned on initiating this project, was to give space to the deep wish for peace and harmony, that dwells in many people hearts and to create a powerful collective peace encompassing our communities.

When people actively seek peace for three weeks, a meeting place of the heart, open to the love of God or conscious of higher awareness, then the power of peace will prevail in our environment.

This project seeks to actively embrace people of all cultures, religions and traditions as peace and love lies within all human hearts. The ways to heart are as different as the people that follow them. Like a carpet is woven of countless threads, a colourful carpet of light is created attuned to a divine plan.

At the start of this year we sent a letter to people running meditation groups and prayer circles. We invited them to join us with the Salzburg Peace Project to reach yet more people.

The message has spread so far, that we decided to create our own homepage to steer the project. This website should provide you with Information about:

Joint Events starting and ending the Salzburg Peace Project

Coordinated times for meditating in separate groups

Time periods and suggestions for daily individual meditation

Contact information for groups and individuals that wish to join us for the three Fridays within the period of this project (June 2016) in joint meditation and prayer

We extend a warm welcome to all people who wish to join us in this project. Our thanks go to all the people who initiated and support this project and others like it. We would love to hear from you by email or telephone.


Our contact information is < ADD LINK HERE >


Wishing you peace and love, 

Christine, Manuela and Gotelint